So here we are…

Well… I suppose the best thing to do is to start off with a few pictures. That is what we have been up to the last few weeks. The story goes like this – it’s pretty simple. One of our first dates was feeding ducks. The pond next to the apartment has ducks too. We still liked to feed ducks. Once in a while, I’d snap a picture with my Nikon D3100. Feeding ducks became a routine. We’ve been seeing more of them since they are migrating in from north. I had my camera. We took pictures. Kyle got excited about the pictures of the ducks in the pond. We got a better lens. Kyle got his own camera. We have 2 more lenses we want. In the meantime, we’ve been identifying (and trying to capture in pictures) all the waterfowl we’ve been seeing here, at a nearby lake, and a few other places.

I’m sure Kyle, who has not seen this blog yet (I created it last night and will surprise him when he comes home from work) will want to add more pictures himself later. We don’t always favor the same ones, of course. He is also much better at identifying the critters than I am, though he insists he is not.

So here we are… enjoy 🙂


beakdisease coot cormorant2 fight fight2 hiding hiding2 itch makearunforit mallard ohithere omgscaup1 outofplace shake shoveler1        blue

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2 Responses to So here we are…

  1. UncaPete says:

    Love the photography, and the blog.

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