Our Little Friends…

Kyle here. I’ve never written in a blog before but nonetheless, am excited at the idea of sharing a little of our life with the world. Heather and I, we are unique and like everyone else, there are those tiny little things within that make us tick. As Heather has already mentioned, one thing we have been into doing lately is photographing water birds. For us it is not so much the photography or the birds themselves but rather the entire experience. What excites us is the thrill of it all. The time we spend together, the excitement of the hunt, the random nature of what we may find on any given day. Even more so what I love, as I am sure she does as well, is finding the personality in nature. That is what I’d like to share today. Not just pictures of birds but the individual personalities that we have uncovered in a few of our “birding” adventures. We like to sometimes jokingly refer to them as “little friends”. These are some of the photographs that have made us, laugh, smile or just say “wow”. I must admit most of these pictures were taken by Heather because lets be honest here, while I may be better at identifying what type of birds we see, she truly is better at capturing them in the right moments.

Hope you enjoy.


Mallard Pekin Hybrid [Female] 03

Female Mallard hybird. We suspect mixed with Pekin. She is not happy and in fast pursuit of another male Mallard.

Mallards [fighting] 03

Two male Mallards fighting over Territory. We like how they appear to be doing a little dance in this photo.

flying mallard out of chaos

Male Mallard flying away from a recent tussle with another mallard.

Muscovy 03

Domestic Muscovy duck. This duck is looking at us intently because we had bird seed with us that day that he wanted.

American White Pelican [wings spread] 01

American White Pelican. One of many that had migrated to the city for the winter months. We absolutely love how the black feathers on his wings contrast his white body.

Mallard Hybrid [black - white]

Another Mallard Hybrid. This is one of the most unique we’ve seen. A beautiful creature.

Sea Gull [flying] 05

Sea Gulls flying against the backdrop of the city. We got a lot of Gulls this winter. We often enjoy simply watching them soar gracefully through the sky or over the water.

Greater Scaup - Female 01

Female Greater Scaup. She is a diving duck. They’re very entertaining to watch dive and swim beneath the waters surface. They just pop right back up like a submarine shooting to the surface for an emergency blow.

Greater Scaup - Male [flying] 01

Male Greater Scaup. We shot this picture as he and his friends were flying across the lake. We love his wing span and the colors of his “speculum” or wing patch.

Mallard - Male [being sneaking]

Male Mallard about to charge another duck in a territorial dispute. We like the sinister look seen in his eyes and body language.

Mallard Pekin Hybrid 01

Another Mallard hybrid. This is is pretty unique in the color of his grey head. His coloring fascinated us so we knew we needed to get a photograph the moment we spotted him.

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