This week on backyard birding… a lot of Northern Shovelers

Kyle and Heather here. This past week we got several new birds at the  small pond just outside our apartment. We’re always checking to see what new wild life finds its way to where we live, on what feels like a constant basis. The pond is not terribly large but for some reason it attracts a ton of different critters. We are always finding all sorts of ducks, sea gulls, Cormorants, Egrets, Turtles etc.  We make it a habit to take photographs whenever we go out exploring so we can compare what we find each time. For us this is a large part of the excitement. This week we had several new birds, many of them being Northern Shovelers. We really liked these particular Shovelers  because the group was a good mix of males and females. They also were in various states of their plumage which made for a great mixture of color. Hopefully you find these to be interesting.

Northern Shoveler - eating seed 01

Northern Shoveler - Male Eclipse Plumage - orange sadldle bill 02

American Wigeon - wings spread 01

Northern Shovelers - two females 01

Northern Shoveler - wing raised 01

Northern Shoveler - Male [Feeding] 01

Northern Shoveler - Male Eclipse Plumage 02

Mallard - curious male 01

Northern Shovelers - male female pair feeding 01

Great Egret - on ledge 01

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