Parakeets living the high life: sky lofts and all you can eat buffets

Recently we were out at the lake and we found a family of parakeets.There were well over 20 of them. At first we just saw a few of them fly by. But when we listened closely and we could hear many more making an whole lot of Ruckus. Following their sounds, we were led to their Sky Loft. It was a series of about 8 or 10 different nests high up in the power lines.

White Winged Parakeet 13

Many of the birds were hard at work, apparently constructing more nests….

White Winged Parakeet 15

But later in the afternoon, they must have gotten hungry because we  stumbled upon their feeding ground. and boy they had come for a feast!

White Winged Parakeet 20

We found the parakeets gorging themselves on a sea of acorns that had accumulated beneath several large trees.

White Winged Parakeet 25

White-winged Parakeet [on ground] 01

White-winged Parakeet [on ground] 02

And then a little while later, we found a few Parakeets who decided they’d be having fresh grass for desert.

White Winged Parakeet 28

It was an exciting day so we thought we’d share. Hope you enjoyed the photos.

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