The Great Dive…

We have quite a few guests at the lake right now and many of them are some of our favorite ducks to watch, the Greater Scaups. These are small little ducks that are of the diving duck classification. They are often seen diving and swimming under water in search of food. Unlike the Mallards which are also here in decent numbers, these guys don’t just dabble but instead go completely beneath the water’s surface. They flip over quickly and go under diving beneath the waters surface. They then pop back up really fast bursting out of the water. It is really quite enjoyable to watch. We have taken quite a few photographs of them doing this. Some of our favorites are below. Enjoy.

Greater Scaup  [diving] 07

Greater Scaup  [diving] 06

Greater Scaup  [diving] 08

Greater Scaup  [diving] 03

Greater Scaup  [diving] 01

Greater Scaup  [diving] 02

Greater Scaup  [diving] 05 - under water

Greater Scaup  [diving] 04 - resurface

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