Beautifully clothed in white…


Great Egret and Snowy Egret fishing along the shoreline.

Muscovy Duck 07

A beautiful white Muscovy Duck. Their clear blue eyes are just mesmerizing!

White Chinese Goose 02

White Chinese Goose looking at us with hopes of receiving some bird seed!

Pekin Duck 11

A Pekin Duck with a tuft on its head. We loved how clear and blue the water was this day. It photographed nicely.


Snowy Egret coming in for a landing. This egret was changing fishing locations. Just a little while before this photograph was taken, this little bird caught a nice little fish snack.


Great Egret fishing a long the shoreline. This was the third or fourth fish this bird had caught this morning. The winds were heavy and the waves were bringing all sorts of yummy snacks into the shore for the birds to catch!

Common Tern 04

Common Tern. These birds were just whizzing by out at the lake. They were flying so fast it was really hard to get a photo. Out of dozens of attempts we only managed to get one or two decent photographs.

American White Pelican [wings spread] 01

One of our favorite white birds, the American White Pelican. These birds just look majestic! We love the black outline of their wings and how it contrasts with their pure white body!

Buffelhead Duck - male [swimming] 01

The Male Buffelhead duck. He’s not entirely white but he sure is a cute little guy. These guys just love to continuously dive beneath the waters surface. This shot was taken during a brief moment he was above the water between dives. Super neat bird!

Snowy Egret 01

Another shot of the snowy Egret. This bird was a visitor to the small lake on our apartment complex. We love the pretty coloration at the base of this birds bill, just beautiful.

Sea Gull [flying] 01

We could not leave out the Gulls! One of our favorite pictures of a gull soaring by out at a small pond we visited.

White Chinese Goose Hybrid

A hybrid Goose of some sort. We are in love with the pretty colors on its head.

Franklins Gull 01

A Franklins Gull we saw while out at the lake. Super neat bird with its black head.

Sea Gull

This bird just looks pretty! What can we say…

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