Spring is in the air, and the fields…

We absolutely love the spring time. The weather gets warmer and the fields are painted with color. It is the perfect time for exploring the depths of macro photography. Heather says, I’m the bird expert and macro is her thing. I must say, she is pretty good with the capturing the natural beauty of the flowers . Below are some of our recent captures of the greatly welcomed spring time weather.


The bright purple of these flowers quickly caught Heather’s eye.


We saw this along the shoreline. Simple yet elegant at the same time.


The brightness of these flowers painted color all across the field we found them in. They were tucked away just behind a small tree line just off the edge of the lake. A hidden gem, well worth finding.


The rich color of these berries is just pretty. They almost look edible, though we have no clue what kind of berry they were so it was best that we photographed but did not taste.

Flowers 03

The pure white color of this flower just brings a sense of peace. A beautifully addition to the spring time mix of colors.

Flowers 12

We thought this little insect was a neat looking critter so we tried to capture him in a photo.


Heather really liked the color of this flower. I must say it is indeed pretty.


The State flower of Texas is the blue bonnet and what better place to find some than the State park. We found many fields of blue bonnets and this one was the most pretty.


A close up examination of the blue bonnet.


The only butterfly of the weekend we were able to capture with the macro lens. Thanks to this little critter we were able to capture one. These little guys just never like to stay in one place long enough to get a photo.

Flowers 02

Just beautiful.

Flowers 13

A field out at the lake with a beautiful mix of colors…

Lady Bug 02

We like to photograph lady bugs. They are just such pretty little creatures. We especially like the ones that are deep red in color.

Flowers 11

Recent blooms out at the lake along the shoreline.

Flowers 05

Now how is this to brighten up your day?

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One Response to Spring is in the air, and the fields…

  1. Those flowers certainly brightened my day! They are so colourful and beautiful!

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