The amazing world of the insects…

It’s time for some insect photography! These creatures may be small in size by they are great in beauty. Here is a few of the neat creatures we have had the opportunity to photograph. Come dive with us into the world of the insects.

Click on any of the images below to see it in full size.

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A neat little caterpillar we stumbled across on a park bench out at the state park. Heather was lucky enough to a few shots of this little critter in action with the macro lens.


A neat little bug we came across out at the lake. We found this guy on some rocks right along the shoreline. We love how the red contracts so nicely with its black body.


Some sort of moth or butterfly we stumbled upon. We like the teal blue color at the back of its wings.


A very pretty orange butterfly we were able to capture up close and personal with the macro lens thanks to Heather’s stealth in sneaking up on it.


Along the beach Heather stumbled into literally thousands of lady bugs. She called me over to where she was standing and I could not believe it. The lady bugs were everywhere. All over the rocks, the branches and the sand. Their numbers looked endless. Such a neat thing to experience.


Another shot of the lady bug invasion. It was a super windy day, so we assume they must have been blown in or something.


This was a gorgeous little butterfly we stumbled on at the beach. It stayed still just long enough for us to get this shot with the telephoto lens. Came out pretty nice we think.


We are told this is called a Sphinx month. It looks like a giagantic bee from far away though! Our favorite thing about it is how fast it flaps its wings and the beautiful pink coloration on the wings.

Butterfly 09

We like the little red spot on the back of this butterfly. Kind of reminds us of a Cedar Waxing bird.

Butterfly 10

A neat looking butterfly we came across while hiking out at the state park.

Lady Bug 01

A picture of a lady bugs face. Love the big white eyes!

Butterfly 08

Another shot of the black and yellow butterfly from before. We found this butterfly hanging around the lake in our apartment complex.

Lady Bug 02

The deep red color of this lady bug is just beautiful


This little bug is pretty creepy looking but still pretty darn cool all at the same time.

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1 Response to The amazing world of the insects…

  1. Rebecca Tillou says:

    Your photographs are utterly amazing!!!

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