Awesome Hybrids (not the car kind)…

One of our favorite things to come across while bird watching is hybrid ducks and birds. They have such unique and interesting color combinations that you rarely see in the normal population. This post will contain some of our absolute favorite hybrid, mutated, and rare color variations that we have seen.

Click on any of the images below to see it in full size.

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Pekin Hybrid [Brown Blotches]

Mallard Hybrid 01

Pekin Hybrid 22

Mallard Hybrid 04

Mallard Hybrid 01

White Chinese Goose Hybrid

Mallard 01

Mallard 12

Mallard Hybrid 01

Mallard Muscovy Hybrid 01

Mallard Hybrid 02

Mallard Hybrid [black - white]

Mallard Pekin Hybrid 01

Hybrid Mallard 01

Mallard Hybrid 14

Mallard Hybrid 15

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