Best Egret Snaps…

The Egrets are some of our favorite birds to see out at the lake, right up their with the Great Blue Heron and the baby ducks. Here are a few of our favorite shots of the Egrets we’ve seen while out at the lake.

Click on any of the images below to see it in full size.

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Snowy Egret 04

The snowy Egret. An awesome bird.

Snowy Egret 37

Check out those bright yellow feet and how they contrast with the black legs. It almost like its wearing yellow shoes with black shocks as a fashion statement.

Snowy Egret 02

A Snow Egret flying gracefully across the lake.

Great Egret 01

A Great Egret perched high up within a tee out overlooking the lake.

Great Egret 34

A Great Egret coming in for a landing on a very window day. Clearly you can see this bird is getting blown around in the wind.

Great Egret 36

Great Egret in flight…

Great Egret 01

It is breakfast time. Watched a group of Egrets catch several fish for their morning breakfast. So neat

Cattle Egret 02

This was out first sighing of a Cattle Egret. Check out the neat coloration on the back of its neck

Cattle Egret 01

We only got a few shots of the Cattle Egret before it took off but we were lucky enough to get this flying shot as it was leaving

Snowy Egret 31

The Snow Egret gets its turn at catching something yummy to eat

Snowy Egret 01

We love the pretty coloration at the base of this Snowy Egrets bill.

Snowy Egret 01

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One Response to Best Egret Snaps…

  1. Dina says:

    Gorgeous! So well captured, congratulations!

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