Baby Duck Favorites!

Baby Ducks and Geese! We love these guys and gals. It is certainly one of our favorite parts of spring. It is always exciting to see new baby ducks out at the lake. This year we’ve seen baby mallards, wood ducks and Canadian geese. The geese were just so cute with this huge feet and tiny little bodies. We love it.

Click on any of the images below to see it in full size.

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Baby Mallards 21

This baby mallard was getting tossed all over by the waves. It was a really windy morning which made for some good pictures in regards to the waves and shoreline.

Baby Mallards 23

The baby mallards are just too cute, being all fuzzy. They look almost not real, like a stuffed animal or cartoon.

Baby Mallards 03

Mama and her babies. This picture came out a little dark but it was about to rain when this was taken so not too much light was available.

Canadian Goose 14

This baby Canadian Goose is the cutest. You can really see the big feet in this picture. They look so silly with those huge geese fit on their still tiny little baby bodies.

Canadian Goose 13

Another shot of a baby Canadian Goose. They were out wandering the shoreline in search of their morning breakfast.

Canadian Goose 06

I got a little too close to the geese and they decided to make a bee line for the water’s edge..

Canadian Goose 08

And off they go. Good bye little Canadian Geese

Baby Wood Ducks 06

Baby Wood Ducks. These are adorable too. They look a lot like the baby mallards, just they are a little less yellow in color.

Baby Wood Ducks 04

Momma Wood Duck with her babies.

Baby Mallards 01

More baby Mallards swimming out at the lake.

Baby Mallards 05

Momma Mallard is swimming into shore with her babies

Wood Duck  15

This is a Juvenile Wood Duck. We have been seeing several of these out at the lake lately. They are very pretty with all their colors

Wood Duck  23

Muscovy Duck 66

A Black Muscovy Duck and her babies. They are just adorable.

Muscovy [baby ducks] 02

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