American Kestrel

This is a beautiful little falcon. We’ve seen them a few times out near our apartment and at some of the other lakes in the area. This bird is one of our favorites. We like the stripes across its face and the bright colors.

Click on any of the pictures below to see them full size.

American Kestrel 04

American Kestrel on top of a small tree out at the lake.

American Kestrel 06

Another shot of the same American Kestrel at the lake, this time from another angle

American Kestrel 08

From this angle you can see the Kestrel from the back. Since the feathers are all orange this bird is a female. The male has blue and orange feathers…

American Kestrel 01

American Kestrel sitting on a wire for the metro rail line. This picture was taken moments before a train came by. At first sound of the train these birds are off soaring out into the horizon…


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